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Project Reference: 2022-1-LT02-KA220-YOU-000088549

The aim of the project „ Boosting entrepreneurship of youth” is to help youth with fewer opportunities to become social entrepreneurs by providing them with relevant training, mentorship, and online tools to generate and implement their ideas. Specially trained social / youth workers, career specialists and entrepreneurs are involved and contributing to this end.


S.M.A.R.T. Project Objectives

  • Evaluate social entrepreneurship skills and practices to support them amongst youth with fewer opportunities in partner countries and raise youth workers qualifications and competencies on how to train and mentor young entrepreneurs with newly developed methods.
  • Expand the Capacity by organizing capacity training for youth to start a business.
  • Develop and explore an interactive online platform for supporting youth with fewer opportunities to create and generate their Business Plan.
  • Launch a Mentorship Programme to coach underprivileged youngsters on their way to creating business.

The project is coordinated by Inovaciju tinklas -Lithuania- www.inwn.eu in cooperation with partners from six European countries:

  • Step Institute – Slovenia, See the site
  • Asociatia "Centrul pentru Dezvoltarea Instrumentelor Structurale – Romania, See the site
  • LACONSEIL – Belgium, See the site
  • BC Angels s.r.o. – Slovakia
  • BEST CYBERNETICS – Greece, See the site

The 1ST Transitional Project Meeting Of The ENT_YOUTH Project In PATRAS, GREECE

The first meeting of the project was held on 04 May 2014 in Patras (Greece).During this meeting have been discussions on the content, analysis of the validation activity process checking with all partners, sharing the challenges, and establishing an action plan for the next actions. The Romanian, Lithuanian, Greek and Slovak partners attended the meeting in person, while the Belgian and Slovenian partners joined the meeting virtually. During the meeting, the coordinator, Innovation Network, shared the presentation about the project management, deadlines, what has been done, about timesheet activities changes.


The Belgian partner „Laconseil“ who was the task leader of preparing the good practices examples of social entrepreneurship and research, represented the summary of activities and each partner shared the findings of social entrepreneurship of good practices and the created newly developed methods. At the meeting, the Slovak partner BC Angels presented the structure of the guidelines and initiated a discussion on the organization of training in Slovakia. The Greek partner „Best Cybernetics“ prepared the presentation on the tool creation. There have been lengthy discussions on how the partners envisage the operation of this tool. The Spanish partner „CEEI Burgos” presented the application of the created communication plan. During these meetings, partners discussed all the ongoing project matters and evaluated what had been done according to the set work plans. To sum up, this meeting was to help to review and discuss the content, analysis of the validation activity process and checking with all partners, share the challenges and establishment of an action plan for next actions. This meeting will also played a crucial role in setting up the team spirit & positive professional ties among partners. The partners were warmly welcomed by the Greek partner, who surprised the partners with a home-cooked Greek lunch, and we had a great dinner together enjoying the beautiful views.

Training Course In SLOVAKIA

A four-day training course in Bratislava for youth workers and mentors was organized from 24 to 27 July 2023. The first day of the training course was an introduction to the program dedicated to provide skills on executing mentorship program and capacity training. Regarding to this, it was organized a Mini Education Hackathon. The second day of training have been an introduction to the mentorship program: plan, goal, tasks and tools. During this day, youth workers got new insights & build knowledge about entrepreneurship as such. Together with experts from “BC Angels”, we examined in detail the business model Canvas and its components. We had presentations on the mentoring and coaching process, challenges, and tips. During the training, we understood the differences between mentoring and coaching. After this training, each youth worker had a mentoring and coaching session with the youth. Discussion of the session followed. Through training on coaching methods for MP & on topics for CT training, youth workers got new insights & build knowledge about entrepreneurship as such. Equipped with these new skills & competencies specialists will know how to deepen their expertise & in how to work with youth with fewer opportunities.


The third day was dedicated to the SBPPO Platform Workshop, organized by the Greek partner “Best Cybernetics”. During this day it was handling and usability of the SBPPO. Each participant had to work and define the technical specifications during these steps. During this stage, participants had a chance to shape SBPPO in a way that would become a help when being a mentor or leading Capacity Training. During the last day of training day, we had knowledge sharing, discussions, and a visit to the Lab. The LAB – a place where ideas are getting shaped. It was a visit to a new LAB space where students, young professionals, and also general public can meet and learn new digital skills. The Lab offers access to “cleaner” devices, such as a laser cutter, 3D printer, or plotter, and can also make use of 3D pens. The Lab attracts young people mainly because of the versatility of the equipment – allowing them to easily make school supplies or prototypes of their own ideas. The lab is open to the general public every working day. The partners and youth workers went through a series of creative workshops in order to turn their knowledge into practice. Partners and youth specialists enjoyed the training and provided a lot of good feedback. The whole consortium expressed its sincere thanks to the Slovak partners “BC Angels”, who made the training so well organized and so warmly received. At the same time, we were delighted that all the partners and visiting staff were actively involved, and engaged and made a great contribution to the training course